[ Philadelphia - 03:39 > 03:53 ]

> introduction by Jack Nicholson [00:56]

> The Ballad Of Hollis Brown [04:34]
[ The Times They are a-Changin! ; CBS ; 1964 ]

> When The Ship Comes In [03:36]
[ The Times They are a-Changin! ; CBS ; 1964 ]

> Blowin' In the Wind [04:36]
[ The Freewheelin ; CBS ; 1963 ]

Note : Bob Dylan was dead stone, as was Keith Richards and in a smaller condition, Ron Wood ... The performance was VERY bad, they could hardly stand up, had quite no monitors on stage and Dylan broke a string in the middle of the act ...

He then did a real mystake, asking that some of the millions gathered this day should be used to help the farmers in the USA would couldn't pay the banks ...

Geldof was really upset by this as it was a way to make people think all the money would not go to Africa as promised.

Later on, Bob Dylan intiated Farm Aid to help US farmers.

> Band Composition :
  • Bob Dylan (Guitar ; Vocals ; Harmonica)

  • Keith Richards (of The Rolling Stones) (guest : Guitar)
  • Ron Wood (of The Rolling Stones) (guest : Guitar)