Here is the detail of the Live Aid's 10th anniversary special broadcast by VH1 in 1995 : Included are some BBC chatters, and Geldof's famous language abuse ;-). The quality of the tape is the same as what was originaly shown (which was not excellent compared to today's standards).

VH1 has decided not to make just a complete replay, but turned this in a "Best of". Some artists are ignored (Dylan's infamous performance) and all the major anecdotes are commented by either artists or producers, directors ... Note that the US broadcast had lots of commercial breaks.

But the real "plus" of this broadcast are very interesting reports done back in Ethiopia 10 years after, with Geldof comments about the situation. These are really well done and deserve a full inclusion in any Live Aid release.

Of course, the sound is in stereo.

Here is the detail :