July 13th, 1985 ; this was LIVE AID ...

About Us ...

This is is not an official site. It is a labour of love, slowly built by two music enthusiasts ...

We have no contact with neither Bob Geldof, nor the Band Aid / Live Aid Trusts.

We are then unable to forward any requests, messages. Also, please note that we are unable to grant any copyright on any Live Aid / Band Aid material. The pictures used in this website are used under tolerance of their various copyright holders (means the BBC / ABC network and MTV). As our site has been linked directly from the BBC news pages, we understand that our work has been checked and tolerated by the powers that be.

But we have been personnally unsuccessfull in trying to contact Bob Geldof in order to release a book on Live Aid so the contacts given below may not be more succesfull, unless you have a more serious / better project to offer.

As a last point, it seems that the BBC is the best door to knock to if you are in search for audio / video material.

Band Aid / Live AId Trusts can be reached at the following address :

Band Aid Charitable Trust
c/o BDO Stoy Hayward LLP
8 Baker Street

Tel: 020 7893 3340
Fax: 020 7486 5042

Bob Geldof can be contacted via the webmaster of his personnal web site : [ http://www.bobgeldof.info ]

You can also visit the following web page which includes some management addresses for Bob Geldof :

[ http://www.jukesproductions.co.uk/geldof.html ]

This site was originally created and maintained by Jean-Manuel Esnault : I'm a french music enthusiast, and like many people around the world I watched the Live Aid concert in July 1985.To paraphrase Phil Collins "I was in England this afternoon" ... and I managed to record some of my favorite acts on audio cassettes.

Years after I wanted to burn them onto CDs and wondered what was missing. I found quite no ressource on Internet except Mel's page and started some research ... which led me into a two years work.

Fortunately at some time, I was contacted by Daniel Agudo Rodríguez, a spanish friend who is really an incredible researcher. You wouldn't believe what details he was able to track down (God only knows how and where, hope you didn't sell your soul for this chap ;-))) and the site then became really detailled.

He was not only able to correct all the little mystake I did, but the cast page and the songs titles (and original sources) are 90% his baby ...

Now (I'm writting this in July 2005), the site needs some little additions, but can be considered "completed", and we have both new centers of interests. Daniel is involved in charity actions with teh Spanish Red Cross, when on my part run other various projects which can be followed on my other web sites. By the way, some people complain about the numerous typos and grammar errors in these pages ... Of course, neither Daniel nor me are englsih natives. I've done my best on this (I should have been more concentrate at school during english courses ;-). Would you feel like sending in some corrections, you would be more than welcome. (Thanks in advance).